UK – The Foods Standards Agency in the UK has issued an official recall for Daylesford Organic’s crispbreads and biscuits on an allegation that they may be contaminated with moth larvae – caterpillar-like pests.

Commenting on the recall, Daylesford Organic said that they have recalled Organic Rye, Spelt, and raisin Crispbread with expiry dates of April 2024, May 2024, and June 2024 over the same. 

Upon discovering the issue, an immediate investigation was launched. These particular crackers are made for us by a third party and the issue has been traced back to an organic flour mill, that has since been treated for the infestation.”

Among the affected brands are Daylesford Organic’s rye, spelt, and raisin crispbreads (120g) and savory biscuit selection (360g and 960g), the company said.

Daylesford confirmed that all batches with all sell-by dates are affected and should not be consumed.

This is the second time Daylesford Organic has been forced to recall products due to moth larvae contamination.

Rajwinder Ubhi, head of incidents at the Food Standards Agency (FSA), warned that Daylesford Organic Rye, Spelt & Raisin Crispbreads, and Savoury Biscuit Selection must be recalled, adding that the presence of moth larvae makes the products unsafe for human consumption. 

Consumers should follow the advice in the published recall notice and contact Daylesford Organic directly if they have purchased the product.”

On its part, the company – Daylesford Organic – has asked customers who have purchased the food products to return them to the store they bought them from for a full refund.

You will not need a receipt to return the product. The contaminated crackers and biscuits have also been removed from sale.”

It was understood that the moths may have gotten into the stuffing mix through one of the raw ingredients.

The company operates several shops and cafes across London as well as its original farm shop in the Cotswolds.

The items were sold on the Daylesford website, inside their four stores in London and on the company’s farm in the Cotswolds. The biscuits and crispbread were also sold on online supermarket Ocado.

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