USA-  Univar Solutions, a specialty ingredients distributor for the food and pharmaceutical industry, recently announced that it is now an authorized distributor for Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd.’s aroma ingredients in the United States and Canada.

Camlin Fine Sciences is a producer of the vanillin range, a flavoring commonly used in applications such as chocolate, bakery, beverages, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, and flavor and fragrances.

Having been in business for about three decades, the company prides itself in the provision of unique aroma solutions to its clients to enhance the shelf-life of products and improve their sensory characteristics. 

While the company has a global presence, there are still opportunities that CFS feels it needs to tap into, especially in the USA and Canada. 

Our collaboration with Univar Solutions will enable us to expand our reach and better serve customers in the North America region,” said Eric Santos, vice president of aroma ingredients for CFS. 

According to CFS, the partnership with Univar Solutions will create a much more secure and reliable supply of its products for food and pharma players in America to utilize for their operations. 

One of the key aspects that set us apart is our shared commitment with Univar Solutions to ensure a secure supply chain and speed-to-market sustainable solutions. CFS’ fully integrated facility, supported by efficient technology and locally sourced raw materials, ensures the production of vanillin with complete traceability and stability, offering a steady supply for customers,” Santos added. 

Univar Solutions has set itself up as a global ingredients distributor, collaborating with brands to create supply chains that have an extensive reach worldwide. 

Moreover, the company also assists companies with issues like recipe testing to tackle product development challenges, utilizing its knowledgeable in-house scientists to enhance the efficacy of products.

We are thrilled to expand our partnership with CFS into the aroma ingredients space in the United States and Canada,” said Kevin Hack, global vice president of global food ingredients for Univar Solutions. 

Univar serves a wide range of customers with varied needs that it seeks to meet using the offerings it distributes and this new partnership will significantly expand its aroma offerings portfolio.

Our new agreement will allow Univar Solutions to bring CFS’ products to market in a region that has been historically short on supply. We are excited to now offer the adorr vanillin range to our mutual customers,” Hack added.

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