USA – The US Grains Council (USGC) has unveiled its latest findings in the 2023-24 Corn Export Cargo Quality Report, showcasing a significant improvement in the quality of US corn despite facing challenging weather conditions throughout the growing season.

Based on data collected from 433 yellow commodity corn samples, the report indicates that the 2023 corn crop demonstrated resilience against adverse weather factors to achieve an average aggregate quality better than or equal to US No. 2 on all grade factors. This marks an improvement over the five-year average, according to statements from the USGC.

During the 2023 growing season, the United States encountered low rainfall during the critical pollination period, coupled with extended periods of heat and drought. However, a rapid maturation period ultimately facilitated a timely harvest, contributing to the high overall quality of the corn crop.

Key metrics from the report highlight the remarkable quality of the 2023 corn crop. The average test weight, coming in at 58.1 pounds per bushel, exceeded figures from the previous year and surpassed the five-year average.

Chemical analysis revealed an 8.9% protein concentration, demonstrating an improvement over the previous year and exceeding the five-year average. 

Moreover, all samples tested below the US Food and Drug Administration’s action level for aflatoxins and deoxynivalenol, indicating a high level of safety and quality.

Brent Boydston, Chairman of the USGC, emphasized the council’s commitment to advancing global food security and fostering mutual economic benefit through trade.

He noted that the report serves as a valuable resource for buyers, providing reliable and timely information regarding the quality of US corn destined for export.

The release of the export cargo quality report complements the previously published 2023-24 Corn Harvest Quality Report, offering insights into the quality of the most recent US corn crop as it enters international merchandising channels.

Looking ahead, the USGC plans to disseminate the latest findings through a series of crop quality seminars in various countries, including El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and South Korea.

These events aim to establish clear expectations among buyers and end-users regarding the quality of corn in the current marketing year.

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