UAE – Uterra Middle East Agro Industries, a part of a multi-national UniPax Investment Group is investing US$20 million in the next three years for the construction and development of Ras Al Khaimah’s first organic soil fertilizer project in the Middle East.

As part of the project, Uterra has acquired a land plot of approximately 33,000 m2 in Al Ghail Industrial Zone (RAKEZ) to build a sustainable biosphere cluster.

According to Zawya, the project aims to revolutionize agriculture, address environmental challenges, and promote sustainability.

UniPax owner and Uterra founder Dr. Anatoli Unitsky said that the decision to establish his company’s operations in Ras Al Khaimah was influenced by a vision for turning the emirate into a regional leader of socio-economic development.

As for the location, Unitsky revealed that the emirate has offered convenient logistical solutions and the launch of Etihad Rail will also open up new possibilities.

The RAKEZ team has provided excellent support with all procedures of our new set-up, from the acquisition of our facility space to assistance in bank account opening,” Unitsky noted.

At the new facility, the company will produce high-efficiency micro-biological organic fertilizer for agriculture and carry out research and scientific work on the creation of unique methods of cultivating plants, medicinal and valuable fungi.

The company will also be farming fruits, vegetables, and berries, both indoors and outdoors, and conducting organic animal husbandry.

The Uterra project implementation in the UAE aims to ensure that the residents of the region have access to sufficient quantities of high-quality, environment-friendly products

The ‘uTerra’ branded products will be developed without the use of pesticides.

Additionally, they will have zero amount of harmful chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), promoting natural and healthy food sources. This will not only positively affect people’s health, but also reduce depletion of valuable soil resources.

RAKEZ Group CEO Ramy Jallad said, “We are thrilled to welcome Uterra into our diverse business ecosystem. We, at RAKEZ, are big supporters of innovation and sustainability in all aspects of business and Uterra’s plans align perfectly.

By developing organic soil fertilizers, Uterra is not only providing a solution for environmental challenges but also fostering a more sustainable agriculture sector in Ras Al Khaimah.

RAKEZ said that the move resonates with their commitment to the Year of Sustainability, facilitating more and more businesses that contribute towards a greener future. It’s not only about economic growth but also about growing responsibly.

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