USA- Vantage Food has unveiled its latest innovation – the Simply Kake hydrated emulsifier, an alternative to traditional baking aids designed to support food manufacturers in adhering to cleaner-label initiatives while elevating the quality of baked products.

Mike Savidakis, the Director of Innovation for Vantage Food, explained the motivation behind the development of Simply Kake, stating, “Consumers have grown increasingly conscious of what’s in their food, and in turn, our customers are striving to achieve superior baked goods without including ingredients that infringe on evolving clean labeling standards defined by specialty grocers.

The Simply Kake emulsifier promises to enable bakers to create taller, lighter, and more evenly baked cakes and sweet goods. 

Vantage Food’s commitment to innovation in response to changing consumer preferences is reflected in this product, which allows food manufacturers to meet or exceed the increasingly stringent ingredient expectations without compromising the quality of their offerings.

Savidakis emphasized the significance of Simply Kake in supporting the industry’s transition towards cleaner labels, stating, “Our innovative Simply Kake emulsifier enables our customers to meet or exceed these more stringent and sought-after ingredient expectations without compromising on quality.

The emulsifier is versatile and finds application in various segments, including bakery, cakes, pastries, sweet goods, and food processing. Its formulation is tailored to address the evolving clean labeling standards, providing a solution for food manufacturers seeking to align with consumer preferences for transparency and simplicity in ingredients.

Vantage Food’s commitment to sustainability and consumer well-being is evident in the development of Simply Kake, as the company aims to facilitate the production of baked goods that meet the highest quality standards and align with the values of health-conscious and label-savvy consumers.

As the food industry continues to evolve, Vantage Food’s Simply Kake emulsifier marks a significant step forward in meeting the demands of modern consumers while empowering food manufacturers to excel in a competitive market driven by cleaner labels and exceptional product quality.

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