NETHERLANDS – Veramaris, a leading producer of algae-based omega-3 products for aquafeed, has announced a remarkable milestone in its production volume for 2023. 

With a staggering 50% increase in production compared to a baseline set in 2021, the company has significantly contributed to meeting the growing demand for sustainable omega-3 EPA & DHA sources in the aquaculture industry.

This achievement in 2023 marks a pivotal moment for Veramaris as we not only recorded a record increase in production volumes but also consolidated our position in the market,” stated Gertjan de Koning, CEO of Veramaris. 

He emphasized the company’s commitment to scaling up sustainably, optimizing production processes, and fostering new partnerships to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

The surge in output was accompanied by a commendable minimal increase in environmental footprint, with total greenhouse gas emissions rising by just 3%. 

This achievement underscores Veramaris’ dedication to decarbonizing its operations and reducing its carbon footprint.

In its sustainable development report for 2023, Veramaris outlines its accomplishments, sets new targets, and provides insights into its sustainability-driven collaborations and initiatives. 

Notably, the company has registered a remarkable 27% reduction in its product carbon footprint, reflecting ongoing efforts to enhance operational efficiency while prioritizing sustainability.

Recent market dynamics have underscored the significance of Veramaris’ algal oil in addressing the industry’s need for sustainable alternatives to fish oil. 

De Koning highlighted the supply gap created by uncertainties in fish oil availability, particularly exacerbated by the effects of events like El Niño, which led to a 21% decrease in total cumulative fish oil output in 2023 compared to the previous year.

Veramaris algal oil has emerged as a mainstream ingredient used by major aquafeed producers, as well as in pet food and human supplements,” affirmed De Koning, emphasizing the company’s transition from a startup with a vision to a proven player making a tangible impact in the aquaculture sector.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Veramaris operates algal oil production facilities in Blair, Nebraska, USA. The facility operated at full capacity for the first time in 2023, reflecting its commitment to meeting the growing demand for sustainable omega-3 EPA & DHA and solidifying its position as a key player.

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