THAILAND- The city of Bangkok, Thailand, is gearing up to host the much-anticipated second edition of VICTAM Asia and Health & Nutrition Asia, alongside GRAPAS Asia, from March 12 to 14 at the BITEC Exhibition Center. 

Following the success of the inaugural event in September 2022, organized by Victam Corp. and VIV Worldwide, this year’s expo promises to be even more comprehensive, drawing attention to the animal feed, animal health and nutrition, and grain and rice processing sectors.

With the previous edition attracting over 6,000 visitors, this year’s event aims to surpass expectations by providing attendees with a platform to explore cutting-edge technology, ingredients, and additives crucial for the manufacture and processing of feed for animals, pets, and aquatics. 

Additionally, participants can anticipate encountering the latest pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical ingredients, genetics, and advanced animal health solutions.

A notable feature of the event will be the GRAPAS exhibition, focusing on showcasing the latest advancements in rice and flour milling technology, grain storage, preservation, and transportation. 

Moreover, the exhibition will shed light on the production of noodles, breakfast cereals, and extruded snacks, providing a holistic view of the grain and rice processing industries.

Complementing the exhibition are several conferences and technical seminars delving into diverse aspects of the feed industry. Noteworthy events include the Petfood & Aquafeed Extrusion Conference and the Aquatic Asia Conference, both scheduled for March 11. 

These conferences will explore topics ranging from extrusion machinery utilization to biosciences related to fish and shrimp nutrition.

Furthermore, on March 12, GMP+International and the Feed Ingredient and Premix Association of Asia (FIPPA) will present the Feed Safety First conference. 

This conference will address critical issues such as global antibiotic consumption in animal feed production and strategies to prevent antimicrobial resistance. 

Additionally, the 2024 Feed Strategy Conference will offer insights into overcoming challenges in poultry and livestock production while maintaining health and productivity.

The concurrent presence of GRAPAS Asia alongside VICTAM Asia enhances the exhibition’s scope, providing attendees with a comprehensive overview of the feed and grain processing chain. 

More than 200 exhibitors from around the world are expected to showcase their latest products and services, underscoring the significance of this event within the industry.

As the stage is set for this unparalleled gathering of industry leaders, manufacturers, and innovators, the anticipation for breakthroughs and collaborations is palpable. 

With its focus on innovation, knowledge exchange, and industry advancement, VICTAM Asia and Health & Nutrition Asia 2024 are poised to redefine standards and drive progress in the animal feed and health sectors.

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