FRANCE- Paris-based Ÿnsect has launched a B2B2C insect-based brand for the pet food market called Sprÿng, presenting it at the Zoomark International trade show in Bologna, Italy on 9th May 2023. 

According to the French insect producer, Sprÿng embodies the company’s strategy to “revolutionize” the food system for humans and pets, with the brand’s ingredients boasting a low environmental impact. 

According to Ÿnsect, the pet food market is estimated at US$78.4 billion by 2026 as pet owners put more care and effort into what they feed their pets, and the Paris manufacturer intends to be part of this growth. 

The premiumization of pet food is bound to drive this growth as people continue to treat their pets as members of their families, feeding them premium, almost human-grade quality food.

Our pets are an extension of our family, and nothing is more important than your family’s health and safety,”  Benjamin Armenjon, general manager for Animal Nutrition & Health at Ÿnsect, remarks. “With that in mind, we sought to maximize our customers’ pet’s quality of life by creating Sprÿng.”

Ÿnsect provides that for an animal to be healthy, its diet must be balanced, and its production must have a sustainable impact on the planet. 

With Sprÿng, Ÿnsect intends to rapidly increase its order book, estimated at more than US$175 million in signed contracts and US$1 billion in contracts under negotiation,” Armenjon explains. 

Sustainability drives growth 

Sustainability concerns continue to inspire the revolution of ingredients used in different industries, and utilizing insect-based ingredients has been a significant part of these sustainability efforts. 

Insect-based pet food has more than 50% acceptance among US pet owners, and a study we carried out with OnePoll also found that 83% of dog and cat owners in the US would be willing to feed their pets insect-based ingredients,” Armenjon adds.

According to Ÿnsect, Sprÿng offers highly technical products to help reduce the environmental footprint of pet food, providing a sustainable option with the highest quality nutrition for pets. 

Pet parents are becoming increasingly conscious of their pets’ ecological pawprints while wanting to continue to nourish their animals with high-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals. Digestibility is also a key concern for consumers. Our mealworm ingredients fulfill all of these requirements,” Armenjon continues.

This pet food utilizes the Molitor mealworm, boasting “the highest protein content in the insect market” (up to 71%), low ash content (less than 5%), and linolenic acids.

We raise mealworms to provide a new qualitative food source for pets while limiting our impact. The contribution to climate change of one kilo of our Protein70 feed, for example, is 17 times lower than beef offal, but also lower than that of chicken offal,” adds Maximilien Jouy, impact manager at Ÿnsect. 

Moreover, according to Antoine Hubert, CEO of Ÿnsect, the company’s mission is to create a sustainable natural, healthy solution to combat world hunger; and using insect ingredients is a huge part of achieving this mission.

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