ZAMBIA – The government of Zambia, through Zambia Correctional Service (ZCS), has launched the distribution of Kalonga mealie meal in a significant effort to address the soaring prices of mealie meal and fulfill the government’s commitment to provide affordable essential commodities.

The initiative is a partnership between the government and two milling companies: Kalonga Milling and Dariyaye Milling Company. 

The launch ceremony took place at the Dariyaye Milling Plant in Lusaka.

Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister Jack Mwiimbu, present at the event, conveyed the government’s determination to alleviate the financial burden on citizens by mitigating the escalating cost of mealie meal.

He emphasized that this initiative aligns with the government’s promise, ensuring that essential commodities remain accessible to all Zambians.

“In honoring the UPND’s campaign promise of keeping the prices of essential commodities within reach of its citizens, the government engaged the Zambia Correctional Service and the Zambia National Service (ZNS) to mitigate the escalating prices,” stated Minister Mwiimbu.

The Minister disclosed the pricing details, stating that a 25-kilogram bag of breakfast meal will be sold at K210 (US$9.1) wholesale and K220 (US$9.5) retail. Other dealers will offer the mealie meal at K195 and K230 for a 25-kilogram bag of roller meal and breakfast, respectively.

Minister Mwiimbu reiterated the government’s urgency to stabilize mealie meal prices, making them affordable for low-income earners and the general public.

He praised the partnership between Kalonga Milling and Dariyaye Milling Company, emphasizing its role in expanding production and reaching areas beyond Kabwe.

To support agricultural development, Minister Mwiimbu highlighted the introduction of an affordable agriculture loan financing program ranging from K10, 000 (US$433) to K70, 000 (US$3034).

This program, part of the Comprehensive Agriculture Transformation Support Program (CATSP), aims to enhance access to seeds and fertilizers for farmers.

Minister Mwiimbu encouraged civil servants to take advantage of the introduced loan facility.

ZCS Commissioner General Frederick Chilukutu expressed gratitude to Dariyaye Milling Company for collaborating with the service in supplying affordable mealie meal to the people of Zambia.

Commissioner General Chilukutu outlined the distribution plan, inviting business houses to join in making Kalonga mealie meal widely available across the country.

As the Zambia Correctional Service embarks on this venture, it signifies a collaborative effort between the public and private sectors to enhance economic growth and improve the well-being of the Zambian population.

The affordable Kalonga mealie meal aims to contribute significantly to food accessibility for all citizens.