ZAMBIA – Zambian Breweries Ltd, a subsidiary of the world’s largest brewer AB InBev, has joined hands with farmers to kickstart the sorghum planting campaign, marking its commitment to sustainability and the local sourcing of raw materials.   

The brewer joined farmers of Zimba in the Southern Province of Zambia with representation from the Ministry of Agriculture and other stakeholders to officially flag off the 2023-24 sorghum planting season.

Under the partnership initiated by the brewer five years ago, over 1500 farmers have acquired vital sorghum cultivation skills and essential inputs enabling them to thrive in modern agriculture. 

While appreciating the role of the partnership, Alfred Sianjase, District Agricultural Coordinator from the Ministry of Agriculture who was also present, “Such opportunities are rare. We therefore urge our farmers to grasp this and use it wisely. 

 The idea is for the farmers to produce profitably. This is key to improving incomes at the household level. When there is improvement in household income, there is also improvement in the district’s economic welfare, which ultimately develops the country economically.” 

In an effort to boost the production of white sorghum, the main ingredient in producing the famous Eagle Lager, Zambian Breweries guarantees farmers the supply of essential ingredients and also offers a lifeline to the local farming community in Zimba. 

Zambian Breweries has been working diligently to address climate change in the agricultural sector, partnering with organizations such as the World Food Programme (WFP), GRIFFIN, and Silverlands Zambia Limited. 

Each harvest season, the brewing company purchases over 4000 metric tonnes of sorghum from local farmers, promoting financial inclusion among the residents in rural areas. 

“As a business, Zambian Breweries prioritizes local sourcing to empower local farmers and create job opportunities. Through value addition, we aim to contribute to national income, reduce reliance on imports, and foster industrialization,” said Tawanda Hojane, Zambian Breweries Legal and Corporate Affairs Director. 

Sorghum, known for its climate resilience, plays a crucial role in the Zambian Breweries’ efforts to align with the United Nations’ 2025 Sustainable Development Goals, particularly those related to ending hunger, achieving food security, promoting improved nutrition, and supporting sustainable agriculture.  

Christopher Nicolle, Zambian Breweries Agriculture Manager, commended the Zimba farmers who have been practicing conservation farming for many years.

Conservation farming, characterized by minimum tillage and the use of composted manure, has been a game-changer for local farmers, contributing to successful crop yields. 

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