TANZANIA – The Zanzibar Milling Corporation (ZMC) Limited, a subsidiary of the Bakhresa group of companies, is working with government authorities to hunt for people counterfeiting its wheat flour products, causing customer uproar after noticing an abrupt decline in quality.

The announcement was done by the Communications Manager of the Bakhresa group of companies through a press statement on its Instagram page.

Founded in 1975, the Bakhresa Group has diversified to include 30 subsidiaries with operations in nine countries in Africa. The flour segment operates with the brand Azam.

ZMC produces about 350 tonnes of wheat flour per day to meet the consumption demand of 250 tonnes in Zanzibar is 250 tonnes while the rest is supplied to the rest of Tanzania and neighboring countries, with bakeries being the leading buyers.

According to the statement, the communication department had recently learned that flour claimed to be produced by ZMC is currently being sold in Zanzibar. However, the company has established that the brand is counterfeit.

The statement noted that although the packaging bears their brand primarily for ‘Azam Boflo’, customers have complained of the compromised quality given that the brand is the most preferred by bakers.

In detail, the press read that the company has done due diligence and established that those involved take advantage of used and disposed of packaging materials containing the brand for their ill motives.

In addition, the press indicated that the counterfeit wheat flour falls short of ZMC quality standards approved by the Bureau of Standards, and could cause confusion to customers in differentiating the two products.

The company is therefore calling upon the citizens to expose the criminals, pledging to reward 1m/- (US$ 425) to every person who will reveal them.

The press also indicated that consumers who get information about the same can reach the authorities at +255778404093 or report to the police so that swift action against the culprits can be taken.

ZMC works closely with the Zanzibar Bureau Standards (ZBS) and the Zanzibar Foods and Drugs Agency (ZFDA) to ensure that people get products of good quality.

The company thanked the consumers for being on the lookout to ensure they have standard products and showing support for its brand, adding that those who are tarnishing the quality of the wheat flour will be held accountable.

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